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    Christmas Suit Coats

    Christmas Suit Coats

    Christmas suit coats are the new trend in holiday fashion and provide a great alternative to the traditional ugly sweater or costume. Since 2009, Festified has been the trailblazer in festive apparel and we now offer a large selection of ugly Christmas suit coats for men of all sizes! Our Christmas suit coats are high-quality and have a slim-fit design – they look great when worn and will last year after year. Each suit jacket features real pockets on the inside and the outside, a soft and durable lining, and solid buttons double-sewn on the front and on each sleeve. The best part of our Christmas suit coats is that they are all made with 100% wrinkle-free polyester and won’t fade or shrink when washed.

    Our Christmas suit coats are versatile and can be worn with the matching pants and tie or can be worn by themselves as a blazer. Simply wear a pair of jeans, a white button-up shirt, and one of our Christmas suit coats and you have a killer holiday outfit to wear anywhere! Wearing a suit jacket is a bit classier than simply wearing an ugly sweater. So when you attend an event this holiday season that requires a suit or tuxedo, consider wearing one of our Christmas suit coats – we’re positive you won’t regret it!

    The ugly suit has been available for a few years from other well-known brands, but the problem that we found was that they sell the suit jacket, pants and tie in one package. The drawback with this approach is twofold: first, many men have proportions that differ from the standard body sizes. For example, if you are a football player, you probably have a broad chest and a skinny or normal sized waist. This requires a much bigger suit jacket and the matching pants that come with that size will fit like a parachute. The second problem with selling everything in one package is that not everybody wants all three items. There are certain occasions when you don’t want to go all-out and you simply want to wear the jacket as a blazer paired with jeans. Or maybe the pants paired with an ugly sweater or shirt. But when everything is bundled in one package, you have to pay for all three items. Instead, we sell our suit pieces individually. This allows for men to pick and choose the jacket and pants size that fits them best. It also saves you money if you only want one or two of the suit pieces. You can just buy what you need!

    Some of our favorite Christmas suit coats include the ‘A Christmas Story’ Leg Lamp Christmas suit jacket, the ‘Christmas Vacation’ Sh*tter is Full Christmas suit jacket, the Equality Santa Christmas suit jacket, and The Festive Elf Christmas suit jacket. These Christmas suit coats feature festive designs that are sure to get you noticed this Christmas season!

    Festified realizes that you probably need your suit jacket by a certain date (for a work function, party, dinner, etc.) so we partnered with Amazon to give our customers the peace of mind that their package will get to them on-time. Many suit jacket companies simply can’t handle the rush, which leaves many customers stranded and unhappy. Festified uses the tried-and-true fulfillment services of Amazon to ensure your suit jacket order is fulfilled on time and securely using amazon’s strict packaging guidelines. And best of all, Festified Christmas suit coats ship for FREE!


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