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    19 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

    Posted by John Kaplar on

    Brace yourselves. Winter is coming.

    And with it, snow, the cold, general nastiness — and Christmas. Okay, okay. There’s also hot cocoa, and warm fires, and sweggings from Festified. There’s reindeer, and snow angels, and New Year’s Eve. The Golden Globes, Valentine’s Day, and cozy (Read: ugly) sweaters.

    Winter begins on Sunday, December 21, and as excited as we are for some of the above-mentioned festivities, we could do without the cold. What was that? There wouldn’t be a need for hot cocoa, and sweaters, and sweggings without the cold? Allllll right. You have a point.

    While the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful.

    1. Hug someone. Or lots of someones.

    2. Bundle up in a Women’s Holiday Reindeer Pullover Sweater from Festified.

    3. Fill the thermos; grab a blanket and your special someone, and head outside to gaze at the stars. (Bonus points if you make a bonfire and roast marshmallows.)

    4. Enjoy a hearty meal with friends.

    5. Dress for the weather, in lots and lots of layers. Festified has hats, and scarves. We’ve even got Reindeer Threesome Sweater Boots.

    6. Get moving. Do jumping jacks, or start an impromptu dance party. Not only will the movement keep you warm, you’ll get a head start on that New Year’s resolution.

    7. Cuddle on the couch with Fido. (If you’re cold, he’s cold, too: Buy him a Sleigh and Reindeer Dog Sweater today. Trust us, he’ll thank you.)

    8. Invest in a space heater.

    9. Stay inside. Do some online shopping (*cough* at *cough*).

    10. Build a pillow fort.

    11. Start each day with a long, hot shower.

    12. Wear thick, cozy pajamas. And as luck would have it, Festified has just the thing: We’ve got Holiday Reindeer Sweater Leggings for women, and Big Racks Sweater Pants for the menfolk.

    13. Let the sun shine in.

    14. Flip the switch on your fan to reverse its spin. As heat rises, a backwards-spinning ceiling fan will push all that warm air back down.

    15. Insulate your attic or crawl space.

    16. Use a rolled-up towel or a draft stopper to keep any errant wintry blasts from sending a chill down your spine.

    17. Rearrange your furniture to block any drafts a towel can’t stop.

    18. Turn on the humidifier. Humid air is warm air.

    19. Protect your ears. Festified’s wide selection of winter headwear (Aviator Hat, Knitted Hat, Menorah Hat, and more!) guarantees warmth and style all season long.

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