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    Says Cindy Lou Who, “You Can Wear A Curly Q Hat Like Mine, Too!”

    Says Cindy Lou Who, “You Can Wear A Curly Q Hat Like Mine, Too!”

    Posted by John Kaplar on

    White dreadlocks for Jimmy

    A top hat for Sue

    The headband that beckons, “Come kiss me, yes you!”

    Many people don’t know this, but Santa Claus loves Jamaica. Spends more time there than he does at the North Pole. (Mrs. Claus really wishes he’d spend more time at home, but that’s another story, for another day. Now where was I? Oh yes, Jamaica.) I’m telling you. My buddy Nick LOVES Jamaica: The clothing, the food… the women.

    But most of all — more than anything else — Nick loves dreadlocks. Nick loves dreadlocks so much that he came home from his island paradise one year with his own hair all done up that way. Wooooweeee, did Mrs. Claus throw a fit. Needless to say, she grabbed her scissors, and they were gone, lickety split.

    Don’t be alarmed, for Nick knew whom to call. Ghostbusters? Close, but no.

    He said, “John at Festified, I need your help. The Mrs. cut off my dreads, and I want them back, but I’m an old man, and I don’t know if my hair will ever be that long again. Please make me a hat.”

    And so the Dreaded Santa Hat was fashioned.

    How would you like to don a Kitty Cat Hoodie?

    Or a candy cane with green stripes to prop you up?

    Or a Christmas bonnet that Qs… curly?

    We’re all festive!

    You’re not going to believe who vacationed with Santa in Jamaica last year. Ah, shoot. I can’t tell you. Nick swore me to secrecy. You promise you won’t tell? Do you pinky promise? Fiiiine. As long as it stays between us girls.

    Cindy Lou Who. YES. I told you you wouldn’t believe it.

    They met at a holiday party when Nick commented on how he just loved her hat. The man’s filled with love and Christmas cheer, even when he’s got sunscreen on his nose.

    “It looks just like mine, but with a cute little curly Q on top!”

    Cindy Lou Who was no more than two, so she just giggled and sipped on her juice, but that’s all it took: They were fast friends, and will remain so, as long as Santa keeps his promise to hide a Kitty Cat Hoodie under her tree in December.

    No outfit is complete without the perfect accessory. From hats and visors to glasses and scarves, and sweaters for your wine to headbands and canes, Festified has just the item to complement your festive ensemble.

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