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    From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Festified Has Super Sales

    From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Festified Has Super Sales

    Posted by John Kaplar on

    Four… three… two… one: LIFTOFF.

    Okay, maybe not liftoff, per se, but millions of bargain shoppers everywhere are prepping their final lists, and counting down to the wee hours of Black Friday morning when retail stores everywhere will open their doors and usher in the gift-hungry masses. But at Festified, we’re taking a little different approach.

    Starting at 12 midnight, Black Friday, November 28, every single one of our sweaters — from the New York Giants Ugly Holiday Sweater to a little something we like to call our Women’s Santa Suit Sweater Dress with Faux Cleavage — will be discounted 35 percent.

    Oh, you silly Festifiedians, wait your turn.

    Yeah, I heard you think it. Why should the big box retail stores get to have all the fun? And leave us out? No way! Festified’s brand of Black Friday shopping is the kind that means no long lines, no freezing toes, no flying elbows, and best of all: No butts off the couch.

    Cuddle up with a warm blanket, a leftover turkey sandwich, your laptop and a major credit card, and pick up one of our exclusive sweaters for women to kick off this holiday shopping season:

    • Women’s Lighted Tangled Cat Sweater
    • Reindeer Threesome Sweater Dress (Yes, you read that right.)
    • Sleigh and Reindeer Sweater
    • Lighted Fireplace Sweater Dress with 3-D
    • Prancing Reindeer Sweater Dress

    So you’re dedicated to freezing your toes in the name of a deal.

    That’s okay. Lots of people are.

    Our Black Friday sales don’t end at lunchtime; they’ll last all day! Go on; go stand in the lines, and throw all the elbows (Okay, please don’t do this). When you’re worn out and freezing, Festified will be your shelter. After all, there’s more shopping to be done.

    Festified’s 35-percent-off Black Friday sale will see you through the leftover turkey sandwich, and beyond that third helping of pie. Thanksgiving is synonymous with feasting. It’s true. Maybe not according to the thesaurus, but you know we’re right. Turkey, and stuffing, and sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes, and green beans, and pie. You won’t need to eat again until Christmas.

    But you will need to shop.

    Wine sweaters and Candy Cane Canes; sweggings and swants — they’re all discounted. Football can wait; make your man’s Christmas wishes come true, with a one-of-a-kind sweater from Festified:

    • Men’s Reindeer Games Sweater
    • Holiday Reindeer Pullover Sweater
    • Excited Snowman Sweater
    • Christmas Vacation Lighted Griswold House Sweater
    • Candy Cane Santa Sweater

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