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    An NFL Sweater from Festified Just Might Be Your Team’s Lucky Charm

    An NFL Sweater from Festified Just Might Be Your Team’s Lucky Charm

    Posted by John Kaplar on

    “Honey, don’t you think you ought to wear something else to dinner?”

    “No! This is my lucky sweater, and I’m not taking it off until January.”

    Our dear hero is at it again. He’s donned one of Festified’s best, ugliest, most team spirited NFL sweaters in anticipation of the big Redskins–Cardinals game on Sunday.

    “But honey, it’s so ugly!”

    “I don’t care! Maybe if I never take the sweater off, they’ll start actually WINNING.”

    Okay, maybe that’s a stretch to believe, but every football aficionado — player and fan alike — adheres to superstition in some way. Some players (however gross this might be) refuse to wash their lucky game underwear. Some fans refuse to budge from a single spot throughout each game, while others cling tight to a rabbit’s foot, or a certain type of food. But John? John wears his luckily ugly Redskins sweater from Forever Collectibles in the Festified shop.

    John insists on wearing his sweater to dinner, to the grocery store, to work, and even to bed. This may seem excessive to some (including his wife), but not to John. John knows that maybe, just maybe, if he wears his NFL sweater from Festified, the Washington Redskins will send those Arizona Cardinals back to the dessert with a loss.

    Get Your Ugly Sweaters Here!

    Adorned with trees and snowflakes and mascots (oh my!), Festified’s NFL sweaters are made with soft, high quality, 100-percent acrylic material, and are fully licensed by the National Football League. Do your part to support your team, but it might be wise to hide the garment from your wife — Mrs. John has already tried to spirit his away (spirit — team spirit, get it? Yeah, terrible joke, we know.), and into the trash.

    How dare she, right?! A man’s lucky football sweater is nothing to fool around with.

    Festive team sweaters available this season include:

    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • New York Giants
    • New York Jets
    • Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Washington Redskins
    • Denver Broncos
    • Chicago Bears
    • Green Bay Packers
    • Buffalo Bills
    • New England Patriots
    • Seattle Seahawks

    Shop Festified, and get yours today!

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