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    Festified Supports Cleavage. Do You?

    One in eight women living in the United States will get breast cancer in her lifetime. One in eight. More than 200 thousand new cases are diagnosed each year. Approximately 40 thousand will die.Scary, huh? Definitely. With statistics like that, it’s likely that all of our lives will be touched, in some way, by cancer, maybe even breast cancer [...]

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    A Tale of Forgotten Favors …or Festified Wine Sweaters to the Rescue

    Jamie and Ashley are roommates, and they’re throwing the coolest holiday party on the block. They planned a menu that’s sure to impress even their pickiest of guests; oh, but don’t worry, they’re not doing the cooking — “It pays to be engaged to a chef,” Ashley told Jamie, and they laughed. Oh, how they laughed.Jamie and Ashley spent [...]

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    Festive Sweater Retailer Skedouche Gets New Life as Festified

    The date is November 17, 2009.Our hero, John Kaplar, sits hunched over a desk in a darkened room, the glow of a laptop illuminating his face. On the screen, a search engine. “Festive Christmas sweater,” he types. The search returns thousands upon thousands of results, but none offer quite what he’s looking for. He tries “tacky Christmas sweater.” Again, [...]

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    Tacky Sweaters from Festified Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

    Summer vacation is over. Your children are back in school; leaves are beginning to turn colors, and scarves have replaced the tank tops in your closet. Soon, snow will be falling, and carolers will be spreading Christmas cheer. “Ugh!” we hear you saying. “It’s only September, too early to be talking about Christmas.”Here at Festified, it’s never too early [...]

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    It’s Football Season Again! Get Your Ugly Sweaters Here

    Gentlemen, start your… Wait, that’s the wrong sport.The pigskin has been greased; the coin has been tossed, and the boys of Fall have taken the field. That’s right, tonight the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Baltimore to take on the reigning Super Bowl champion Ravens in the first regular season NFL matchup.Each year, millions of people crowd around tables [...]

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    We Appreciate Your Reviews!

    When you write a review for products you might be wondering if your opinion really counts. The answer is always yes! While a company can advertise from day to day those advertisements are never going to be as powerful as a customer’s word of mouth.Leaving feedback lets a company know that they are doing a great job and reminds them to keep [...]

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    Tacky Christmas Sweaters for the Whole Family

    For many, tacky Christmas sweaters have become a holiday tradition comparable to eggnog and Christmas dinner. It makes sense when you consider the fact that it’s impossible not to smile when you put on a festive holiday sweater. This is why every year just after Thanksgiving people start searching for the most outrageous holiday sweaters.Tacky sweaters are adorned with holiday themes such [...]

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    Sweater Pants, Or As We Call Them... Swants!

    Sometimes pants just aren’t enough. The newest trend this holiday season is sweater pants which are also known as swants. Simply put, swants are sweaters for your legs. This new trend, which is taking the world by storm, was invented by a professional knitter in Amsterdam who felt that “your booty deserves to be as warm as your torso”. I doubt [...]

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    A Variety of Holidays for A Variety of People!

    Wearing festive clothing during the holidays has the ability make you feel happier and more alive. Even wearing something as simple as a holiday hat or scarf can put you in the holiday spirit, making you feel like a kid again.As we get older the holidays begin to lose the magic that they once held. The stress over holiday get-togethers [...]

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    Keep Your Feet Warm With Sweater Boots and Shoes

    During the cooler months of the year you will want to protect your feet from chilling winds, snow and rain. Typically boots are your best option. Sweater boots and shoes are becoming extremely popular. They are very versatile and can be worn with almost any type of outfit.Fashion trends come and go but sweater boots and shoes are one of those trends [...]

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