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Attention, attention! Did you hear the news? Festified Holiday Sweaters are featured in the latest Samsung commercial featuring Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell!

Festified sweaters have gone mainstream this year and are spreading holiday cheer with Samsung, a glowing Kristen Bell, and her husband Dex Shepard. As the couple decorate and get ready to snuggle up for the season, see them rock our matching sweaters! The pair tell US Weekly they are ‘holiday junkies’, we believe it. Even the dogs have theirs on!

Check out the adorable ad below and then shop our matching sweater collection!

Happy Holidays from Festified to you and yours. 

Tips for Throwing a Tack-tastic Ugly Sweater Party — Festified-Style

It’s the happ-happ-happiest time of the year!You might ask, what time of year is that? (As if you don’t already know.)It’s the season for Reindeer Threesome Sweaters and leg-lamp-printed sweggings (Think A Christmas Story). Ugly sweater parties are the best way to while away the hours; soon, it’ll be dark by four pm — what else will you have to [...]

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Gobble Gobble

Go shop Festified, and go shop now!Only at Festified will you findBaubles for [wine] bottles, and boots bedecked with bouncing reindeer.Bespectacled beautiesLove our leggingsEspecially when they’re sweggings!Go shop Festified, and go shop now!Only at Festified will you find aBrown, Lighted Thanksgiving Turkey Sweater for the specialBoy in your life. He’ll bawl and he’ll bellow; he might evenLaugh a laugh filled with liveliness, andExclaim, “Happy Thanksgiving to all, [...]

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Light Up the Holidays with Sweaters from Festified

Where, oh where has 2014 gone? Where, oh where could it be?A single solitary month from today, one turkey will be pardoned and 46 million — yes, you read that right! One for every 6.9 people who call the United States home. — will be consumed.But you know what else that means? Ready or not, there are only [...]

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Says Cindy Lou Who, “You Can Wear A Curly Q Hat Like Mine, Too!”

White dreadlocks for JimmyA top hat for SueThe headband that beckons, “Come kiss me, yes you!”Many people don’t know this, but Santa Claus loves Jamaica. Spends more time there than he does at the North Pole. (Mrs. Claus really wishes he’d spend more time at home, but that’s another story, for another day. Now where was I? Oh yes, Jamaica.) [...]

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An NFL Sweater from Festified Just Might Be Your Team’s Lucky Charm

“Honey, don’t you think you ought to wear something else to dinner?”“No! This is my lucky sweater, and I’m not taking it off until January.”Our dear hero is at it again. He’s donned one of Festified’s best, ugliest, most team spirited NFL sweaters in anticipation of the big Redskins–Cardinals game on Sunday.“But honey, it’s so ugly!”“I don’t care! Maybe if [...]

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It Is the Chancellor’s Decree! All Halloweentown Residents Must Wear Festified Spooky Sweaters on that Hallowed Eve’

BREAKING NEWS: This Halloween, sexy is out, and ugly is in.On Thursday, October 2, the Chancellor of Halloweentown — otherwise known as John Kaplar — decreed that neither provocative snowmen, nor seductive cowgirls will roam the streets on that hallowed eve’.Hear ye, hear ye. Read all about it.Dear people of Halloweentown,What was once a cultural observance has become nothing but [...]

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Festified Supports Cleavage. Do You?

One in eight women living in the United States will get breast cancer in her lifetime. One in eight. More than 200 thousand new cases are diagnosed each year. Approximately 40 thousand will die.Scary, huh? Definitely. With statistics like that, it’s likely that all of our lives will be touched, in some way, by cancer, maybe even breast cancer [...]

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A Tale of Forgotten Favors …or Festified Wine Sweaters to the Rescue

Jamie and Ashley are roommates, and they’re throwing the coolest holiday party on the block. They planned a menu that’s sure to impress even their pickiest of guests; oh, but don’t worry, they’re not doing the cooking — “It pays to be engaged to a chef,” Ashley told Jamie, and they laughed. Oh, how they laughed.Jamie and Ashley spent [...]

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Festive Sweater Retailer Skedouche Gets New Life as Festified

The date is November 17, 2009.Our hero, John Kaplar, sits hunched over a desk in a darkened room, the glow of a laptop illuminating his face. On the screen, a search engine. “Festive Christmas sweater,” he types. The search returns thousands upon thousands of results, but none offer quite what he’s looking for. He tries “tacky Christmas sweater.” Again, [...]

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