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When you write a review for products you might be wondering if your opinion really counts. The answer is always yes! While a company can advertise from day to day those advertisements are never going to be as powerful as a customer’s word of mouth.

Leaving feedback lets a company know that they are doing a great job and reminds them to keep up the good work while promoting their business by word of mouth and referrals. Additionally, leaving feedback for products that you purchase provides future shoppers with an honest opinion before they invest in the same product.

Feedback from customers is extremely important when determining a customer’s individual needs and tastes. Without adequate customer feedback a company cannot possibly meet the product needs of their customers. Feedback also allows companies to better understand how customer’s rate and use their products in comparison to competitive products. Additionally, it lets the company know what features can be improved upon.

If you are happy with the way that you are treated by a business or you enjoy a product that they offer, praise them by leaving a positive review. If you do not encourage good business practices and high quality products, then there is no guarantee that these things will continue to exist.

Product reviews that are written by customers are typically much easier to understand and relate to. Most companies specialize in their products and are not necessarily experienced with writing their marketing communications. As a result they aren’t always able to successfully communicate the true benefits of their products. Customer reviews provide people looking to purchase a particular product a clear and understandable opinion that can help them make the best decision.

Often, positive words about a business or product are featured in advertisements and on websites. This means that when you praise a particular business or product and your review is made public, you actually make their competitors take note encouraging them to improve their own business practices. This has the ability to improve the overall shopping experience for consumers.

Festified values your feedback and suggestions. If you have purchased products from Festified please consider leaving a review.

Festified offers high quality festive sweaters and accessories for every holiday. The brand new festive sweaters offered by Festified are available for men, women, children and even dogs and cats. For more information about the festive sweaters offered by Festified and to read their customer reviews, please contact them today.

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How It All Began: The History of Festified

In 2009, after several disappointing Christmases of having to wear ladies sweaters, John Kaplar founded Festified, which was formerly named Skedouche. Before Festified, major retailers only offered women’s festive sweaters. This made it almost impossible for men to participate in the ugly Christmas sweater trend. That is unless they opted to wear ill-fitting women’s sweaters, like John did.In the summer of 2009, John Kaplar [...]

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