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Wearing festive clothing during the holidays has the ability make you feel happier and more alive. Even wearing something as simple as a holiday hat or scarf can put you in the holiday spirit, making you feel like a kid again.

As we get older the holidays begin to lose the magic that they once held. The stress over holiday get-togethers and gift giving can dampen even the mightiest holiday spirit. Holiday clothing allows you to release your inner child and remind yourself that the holidays are a fun and delightful time.

Today ugly sweater contests are one of the most popular holiday trends. Ugly sweater parties can be thrown at home or at work. They require very little planning as the sweaters themselves become the entertainment. The goal of these parties is simple; outdo your friends, co-workers and family by wearing the tackiest and most outrageous holiday sweater that you can find.

Although most people believe that holiday clothing is limited to Christmas, this isn’t the case anymore. Tacky sweater parties can be thrown for almost any holiday. Festified offers a wide variety of holiday sweaters and accessories for Christmas, Chanukah, Halloween, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day. Festive holiday accessories available from Festified include hats, scarfs, sweater shoes and glasses. For a unique and special host or hostess gift, Festified even offers holiday sweaters for your favorite wine!

Festified offers holiday sweaters and accessories for the whole family, including your family pet. This makes it possible for families to wear matching sweaters. A unique way to eliminate stress during the holidays and create some much needed family time would be to plan a family portrait in your matching sweaters. Every year you can spend quality time together planning out your holiday outfits for the family portrait. This tradition can create fun holiday memories for many years to come!

Festified was founded in 2009 by John Kaplar and was the first company in the U.S. to specialize in brand new, tacky Christmas sweaters. Festified offers unique, festive holiday sweaters and accessories for men, women, children and even dogs and cats. Since the launch of their website in November 2009, Festified has received an overwhelming amount of response from both their customers and the media. Festified has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The View, The Chew and Community.

For more information about the festive holiday sweaters and accessories offered by Festified please contact us today.

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