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    • American Flag Cape
    • American Flag Cape
    • American Flag Cape
    • American Flag Cape
    • American Flag Cape

    American Flag Cape

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    Product Description

    Show off your patriotism with an American Flag Cape! Dangle the stars and stripes around your neck with a secure clasp and make our founding fathers proud. This product is an adult sized cape perfect for any occasion. Wear it for the Fourth of July, concerts, Nascar events, EDM festivals, Halloween, or just wear it around the house! It's a perfect way to don yourself a little freedom and display it proudly to your friends. The patriotic 9 star and 13 stripe design is the only cape for sale today that securely clasps around your neck, allowing you maximum comfort and mobility while displaying your patriotism. Make America Great Again!

    • 100% Polyester American Flag Cape
    • Secure Velcro Clasp
    • 2.5 feet wide by 4 feet tall
    • Unique Red, White, and Blue Star and Stripe pattern
    • 13 Stars and 9 Stripes


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